Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Guns Coming Soon

With hunting season approaching, there is another season that is almost upon is - the season of the new firearm introduction.

Everyone knows the SHOT Show is in January, and it is there that many new guns are introduced to the shooting public. I always like following the blogs to see what new gear is being introduced. Generally, I see a lot of new things that are merely tweaks on existing product lines.

However, there are often all sorts of brand new products that roll out. In the past, the SHOT Show has been the site of new guns like the Ruger LCR and new cartridges like the .40 S&W.

The SHOT Show is not the only time when new guns are introduced. One of the little known shows is the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers show. This is a small, exclusive show where manufacturers and distributors get together, make orders and do business. Often there are new guns shown that will be officially introduced in January.

I'm looking for a few new guns in the coming months. I think Springfield Armory will introduce an XD-S in .40 S&W. Some (including me) will say that is long overdue.

I am also hoping to see a 20-gauge version of the Mossberg 930 Tactical. This would be a sweet home defense gun - nearly all of the power of a 12 gauge, but with substantially less recoil. If they made this with a shorter length of pull (maybe about youth sized) this would be ideal for a lot of people: both small framed people and folks like me who like to hold things close.

I've also heard rumors that someone is making a new self defense revolver chambered for the .327 Federal. This might be a cool gun to grab - especially if it is J-frame sized, but with 6 rounds. (After I wrote this, I discovered Ruger released an LCR in .327 Federal.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Welcome to my new blog. I'm happy you've stopped by.

My name is Tom, but most folks call me by my nickname from school: Allyn. I'm a professor at a university here in Florida. I teach physical sciences, and I enjoy my job immensely. But, this blog isn't intended to be about that.

My wife has been after me for a long time to put my journals online. I've always kept a journal, and I've filled several large books with my thoughts over the years. In an effort to save a few dozen trees, I've finally agreed with my wife (which I should have done years ago) and will be putting my musings on the internet for all to see.

Don't expect me to thrill you, but I will try to not bore you.

I have a variety of interests including working on my diesel pickup truck (pre-turbo, thank you very much,) gardening, music and, of course, writing. I wouldn't consider myself an eco-hippy, but my hair is a little long and I wore a beard before they became fashionable. I don't believe in the global warming "science" driven by government grants, but I do think we pollute the earth far too much.

Also, I happen to like shooting. That might come as a shock to some of you, but there is nothing inherently wrong with guns or shooting. In fact, there is a psychological condition that describes people ascribing morality to inanimate objects - so please don't be one of those.

I'm not going to try to force my views on you, and I ask the same courtesy of you. Free discussion - as long as everyone is polite - is encouraged. Folks who use profanity, disparaging names, racial slurs, etc. will be shown the door. I do this site for me, so I get to make and enforce the rules.

I sincerely hope that everyone takes the time to read and post. I welcome all of you and expect to have good conversation.