Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Welcome to my new blog. I'm happy you've stopped by.

My name is Tom, but most folks call me by my nickname from school: Allyn. I'm a professor at a university here in Florida. I teach physical sciences, and I enjoy my job immensely. But, this blog isn't intended to be about that.

My wife has been after me for a long time to put my journals online. I've always kept a journal, and I've filled several large books with my thoughts over the years. In an effort to save a few dozen trees, I've finally agreed with my wife (which I should have done years ago) and will be putting my musings on the internet for all to see.

Don't expect me to thrill you, but I will try to not bore you.

I have a variety of interests including working on my diesel pickup truck (pre-turbo, thank you very much,) gardening, music and, of course, writing. I wouldn't consider myself an eco-hippy, but my hair is a little long and I wore a beard before they became fashionable. I don't believe in the global warming "science" driven by government grants, but I do think we pollute the earth far too much.

Also, I happen to like shooting. That might come as a shock to some of you, but there is nothing inherently wrong with guns or shooting. In fact, there is a psychological condition that describes people ascribing morality to inanimate objects - so please don't be one of those.

I'm not going to try to force my views on you, and I ask the same courtesy of you. Free discussion - as long as everyone is polite - is encouraged. Folks who use profanity, disparaging names, racial slurs, etc. will be shown the door. I do this site for me, so I get to make and enforce the rules.

I sincerely hope that everyone takes the time to read and post. I welcome all of you and expect to have good conversation.